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Makar Rashi: Sun, Saturn and Jupiter are these three big planets in Capricorn, know who benefits, whom losses

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Makar Rashi predictions 2021

Now, these three big planets along with Saturn and Jupiter have gone into Capricorn after the Sun enters Capricorn. Jupiter came into Capricorn in Saturn's zodiac at 1:14 pm on 20 November.

Jupiter entered Capricorn on 1 November 20, 2020. Now on January 14, the Sun has entered Capricorn. Jupiter and Saturn will also have Sun in Capricorn till 12 February, so it is necessary to be a little careful till this time.

Due to these planets living together in Capricorn, some zodiac signs may cause problems in business, financial condition, and job. At the same time, it also points towards natural changes. Shani and Guru are also making tamasi yoga. The Tamasi and Chandal Yoga of Shani and Guru will remain till 20 October 2021. During this period, everyone needs to be cautious. Let us know what effect it can have on different zodiac signs.

Living these three big planets is a good time for the 4 zodiac signs. Whether it is a job or a business, these four zodiac signs, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio are becoming the sum of wealth for the people. On one hand, while they will benefit in the field, on the other hand, promotions are also being made in the job. New means of income will be created and it is a very auspicious time to start any work for them.

People with Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius need to be careful by 12 February. These people may have problems with money. Apart from this, they will remain mentally disturbed.

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